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I've never been to the Texas Zoo before, but I wish I could go to be able to see this amazingly rare sight. Normally a fox and a raccoo...

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Journal History

Hey there folks! Today I was on a quiz kick, that started off with one quiz and led to me taking others. Here are the results of the quizzes I took.

Quiz: Which Lantern Corp do You belong To?
Location of Quiz:
Results: "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's Light!"
You belong to the Green Lantern Corps, the legendary protectors of the universe! The Green Lanterns use the power of will, the balance point of the emotional spectrum. They desire peace, justice, and equality throughout the universe.

Quiz: Which Marvel Villain are You?
Location of Quiz:
Results: Thanos - Born among the stars with an appearance that left society looking down at you with only your family to see you for who you are you've become an outcast. Rejecting the established order, you seek out anarchy and your only one true love is Death. Life is chaotic, it is fleeting and you see all others as less than pawns. All who stand before you will know death and misery for you are the cosmic tyrant Thanos!

Quiz: What Avenger Are You?
Location of Quiz:
Results: You are Captain America/Steve Roger. Wow, dude, no offense, but your life sucks. You lose your mentor, your best friend, your freaking TIME, and get thrown into the cesspool of the modern world. Not to mention, you apparently attract Starks like honey attracts flies. Might want to work on that. Despite all that, you're still kind and patient. You're a good leader and friend, though a little rough around the edges because of the 'out-of-time' thing. You're catching up fast though. You even figured out that Star Trek and Star Wars aren't related! Good for you! All in all, you're almost too good to be true. How do you do it?

Quiz: How Will Die according to your Name?
Location of Quiz:
Results: Death by Futuristic Epidemic - According to your name, you are a very smart and clever person. In the future, you will work in a hospital, and you'll come across a patient with a deadly new virus. While taking care of the patient, you will quickly get infected yourself. However, you will continue to work in the hospital and do whatever you can to help people who are also struggling with this disease.

Quiz: Which Member of the Justice League are You?
Location of Quiz:
Results: Batman/Bruce Wayne - You are an exceptionally intelligent, driven and disciplined person with clear goals to make the world safer and better and the passion to make those goals a reality. You are observant, adaptable and focused with a deep sense of personal justice. Though introverted and perhaps socially awkward, you are deeply loyal to a few close friends and are selfless in your defense of people. Some consider your black and white views on morality a weakness, but it allows you to make clear cut decisions that protect you and the ones you love. While many consider you an extreme activist, they have a profound respect for your passion and want to share in your causes.

Quiz: Who is your Guardian Angel?
Location of Quiz:
Results: Cassiel (Castiel) - You got Castiel! You don't involve yourself with too many problems around you. You don't drink all that much. You enjoy solitude. Castiel has also been known as an angel of tears. You mainly enjoy sitting on the side lines when it comes to danger.

Quiz: What was your past life according to your Personality?
Location of Quiz:
Results: You were a King! Your personality reveals that you were a powerful and benevolent King in your past life. You were the stuff that legends are made of, a King that went down in the annals of history for generations! You were well loved and knew no limits to your power and influence. While you once saw the world as a kingdom, you must now adjust your thinking. Meditate on seeing the world as a brotherhood of equals, and your inner King will shine through naturally without sucking up all energy in the room. What do you think about having been a King? Let us know, your majesty!

That's all for now. See you next time! Foxy Wave 


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It's a mystery! ;)
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