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Stay tuned, folks! We're supposed to be getting another batch of news on Pokemon Sun and Moon come August 1st.
Gooood evening, everybody!sardonyx - steven universe request This is the lovely JackalyenMystique coming to you a-live, from the deviantArt communication hub! How are ya'll doin' tonight?Sardonyx Emoticon

Lol, I'm sorry I had to do that. :lol: Ahem! Anyway, on with the latest batch of Pokemon news... Writer fella (Artists)

So we got some surprise news about a new batch of revealed Pokemon plus a trailer. This came as a surprise to me, since the big news from CoroCoro wasn't coming until August 12th. But whatever! Its not like we can complain. So let me begin.

Our first new Pokemon is a Bug/Water type called Wimpod, and it is classified as the Turn Tail Pokemon. As the name and classification suggest Wimpod have a cowardly nature and are wary of sudden movements or noises. It has a new Ability called Wimp Out which allows it to flee from battle when its health goes lower than half. In battle they switch out with a random Pokemon in your party and in the wild it flees the battle in "run away" form. Whether it evolves or not is currently unknown.

Our second new Pokemon is a Grass type called Bounsweet, and it is classified as the Fruit Pokemon. This little pocket monster is popular among people and Pokemon in the Alola Region because of its delicious smell but it also can lead to unlock encounters. It has no new abilities and it is currently unknown whether or not it evolves.

Our third new Pokemon is a Fairy type called Comfey, and it is classified as the Posy Picker Pokemon. True to its title Comfey likes to pick flowers and always carries them around in the form of a flower ring, and has a habit of giving these rings to those it is fond of. Comfey has a new Ability called Triage which makes restorative type moves gain high priority in battle. Any evolution it may have is unknown at this point and time.

The fourth new Pokemon is a Ground type called Mudsdale, and it is classified as the Draft Horse Pokemon. This strong stallion is known for both its powerful body, emotional fortitude and never crying out no matter what trouble it is in. Mudsdale has a new Ability called Stamina which increases its Defense stat by one point when hit by an attack. An evolution line is currently unknown.

And the two other Pokemon were just the previously revealed pair mentioned in my seventh news report.

Mimikyu retains its Japanese name while its classification and Ability have been changed to Disguise. And the Ability of that same name allows the Pokemon to escape damage from an opponent's attack only once, then changes its appearance. What that will mean for Mimikyu has not yet been told.

Kiteruguma now goes by its English name Bewear, and is classified as the Strong Arm Pokemon. Its new Ability Fluffy cuts the damage taken from direct attacks in half but also doubles the damage taken from Fire type attacks.

Finally, it has been revealed that you can host your own competitions on the Pokemon Global Link. Along with that there is a new form of training called Hyper Training where Pokemon that have exceeded to level 100 can work on their individual strengths, or IVs for short, and it utilizes the use of a new item called Bottle Caps.

Well that about wraps everything up! Now we can finally look at the new trailer, so check down below. Down fella (Reactions) 

And now I leave you, good people, to absorb all of this and get even more hyped than you were yesterday! Also, in the spirit of the upcoming games I have decided to make a little series of my Alola Region trainer persona gathering up a team of all of my top eight favorite Pokemon. There will be action and there will be feels, so stay tuned for the eight part series coming to deviantArt!

Thank you for your kind attention. See you next time! Foxy Wave 


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It's a mystery! ;)
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I'm just a regular all American young adult who's trying to make it out as a writer. I love animals, music and writing. That's it for now. Take care, all!

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