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Greetings, all you folks! I'm here to present to you all with the latest news on the upcoming game of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, the newest game of the Mystery Dungeon series. I've got quite a bit of news to cover so please bare with me.

First off, we have something new to replace the Discussion Boards. We now have Connections Orbs. As you make friends you can do requests, and how this is seen is with the web of Pokemon as shown in the previous trailer. You can also find Legendary Pokemon through this. Whenever you complete a task for a Pokemon it opens up a path for more tasks. So the more tasks you complete the more you can get.

Even more exciting, you can summon Hoopa with the use of the Majin Lamp item. The form it arrives in, Confined or Unbound, is chosen at random and Hoopa can even call in other Legendary Pokemon to help as allies. But be forewarned as this special ability of Hoopa's comes with a price. There is a chance that the Legendary Pokemon may spawn and appear to you as an enemy. So if you're going to have Hoopa call in a Legendary Pokemon in the Dungeons think wisely. How you actually obtain the Majin Lamp, though, is yet to be revealed.

We also have some character details revealed to us. Pancham and Shelmet are the bullies at a local Pokemon school who often torment Goomy, Deerling is a popular yet blunt classmate, Espurr is the most intelligent student, Simipour is the principal of the school and understands the children, Watchog is the vice principal Audino is the doctor who heals and may come off as serious but ends things with a joke and finally Farfetch'd is a serious teacher.

Along with the character details of the Pokemon in the school, we also have details on the shop owners we'll be meeting. Hawlucha runs a shop where you can teach Pokemon moves and, for the first time ever, change the Pokemon's ability. Kangaskhan runs a cafe and will give you thank you presents every time you help out other Pokemon, Klefki opens Treasure Chests for you, Cofagrigus will buy gold bars you find in dungeons the way it did in Gates to Infinity and Meowth has a theater where you can enter a dungeon with special rules. The dungeons are difficult to complete but when you do a video of your completed exploration can be posted on the Internet.

It has also been confirmed that you can send out mail to be rescued if you fall in a dungeon. Another confirmation is that the Jukebox makes a return so you can listen to all of the game's music. You can even play the music through your headphones while your 3DS is in sleep mode.

There are also a new pair of items called Lapis and Ringle. The Ringle is a hold item that you put Lapis in. Lapis is only found in dungeons and, when you leave the dungeon, they disappear. There are various types of Lapis you can put into Ringle. Three examples are the Power Up Lapis which increases your Pokemon's strength, Protect Up Lapis reduces damage you receive and Barrage Protect Lapis protects you from multiple hits in a turn.

There are also multiple villages across multiple continents and to reach them you need to ride on Lapras. So far the only known continents at this time are the Water Continent and Windy Continent. Gentle Village and Waiwai Town are in the Water Continent, but it is unknown what villages are in the Windy Continent. The various continents can be accessed by purchasing Passports from Lapras, then having said Pokemon ferry you to the locations. Each continent has different villages, different shops and access to different dungeons plus more. There may also be other locations to explore outside dungeons.

An interesting feature that's been added is that Mega Evolutions can break through walls in Mystery Dungeons. It is unknown if Mega Evolutions can do other special things at this time.

There's also a new feature called Co-operation, where if you and your Pokemon allies are surrounding an opponent at once you can attack simultaneously. This not only does decent damage but it also removes type resistance.

And finally, but most importantly, the release dates. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is coming out for Japan first on September 17th. And two months after that it comes out for us on November 20th. For those of you downloading the game you'll need 1.8GB,  or 14,800 blocks.

Well, that about covers everything. For pictures and any information that I may have missed, go to to learn more about the newest Pokemon game.

That's all for now, folks. See you next time! Foxy Wave 


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